What is

Repex is the leading event in the Western Balkans, dedicated to revolutionizing the world of retail and property. It’s where innovative products meet decision-makers, and exhibitors can showcase to an audience eager for the next big thing.

Why Join Repex?

Being a part of Repex means embedding your brand in the minds of industry leaders. It’s not just about showcasing; it’s about engaging, growing, and leading in the retail and property sectors. Here, every interaction can lead to significant partnerships, and every showcase can lead to unparalleled breakthroughs.

Repex aims to be the catalyst for change in the retail and property sectors of the Western Balkans. We envisage a future where businesses, regardless of their scale, can find success, foster collaborations, and lead with innovation.

Key Highlights

Step into a space filled with opportunities as you unveil your products and services, aligning your brand with the future of retail and property.

Boost your network with key industry figures. Repex promises a melting pot of ideas, strategies, and breakthrough conversations.

Panel discussions
Engage in enlightening panel discussions and learn from the best. Our sessions promise knowledge, insights, and strategies that can redefine business pathways.

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and be part of the change.

At Repex, we believe in championing business ambitions. Our commitment is steadfast – to provide a platform where businesses, regardless of size or stature, can connect, collaborate, and grow. Showcase, Connect, and Elevate your business.