Facility Management: The Key to Preserving Property Value

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Facility Management, also known as resource and service management, represents an essential service in the real estate market. Regrettably, its importance is often understated, even though its proper implementation directly affects the preservation of property value.

Why is facility management important?

From the perspective of a property owner, facility management is not just maintenance in a functional sense but also preserving the financial value of the asset. Given the natural erosion of value that properties undergo over time, approaching facility management with vision and strategy becomes a necessity.

Within facility management, two key subprocesses are distinguished:

  • Technical Management: This segment includes technical maintenance and management, encompassing inspections, preventive maintenance, and emergency maintenance.
  • Infrastructure Management: This focuses on external and internal cleaning, protection, horticulture, winter services, pest control measures, and waste collection and disposal.

Properties, such as office buildings, show signs of physical aging over time. To slow down this process, it’s essential to approach maintenance with a vision and a plan, which involves more than just equipment repairs. It’s about anticipating potential risks to avoid unwanted future costs and damages.

Global trends and our region

Globally, facility management is recognized as a vital service. Fortunately, awareness of its importance is also growing in our region. An increasing number of commercial property owners are choosing to collaborate with professional and specialized companies that offer facility management services.

One thing is clear: Facility management is not just maintenance, but strategic planning that ensures optimal functionality and property value. In today’s dynamic real estate market, facility management has become a necessity for every serious property owner or investor.