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Welcome to REPEX, a fair held in the heart of the enchanting Sarajevo, a city renowned for its unique blend of oriental and western cultures. In the words of Juraj Neidhardt, one of the most prominent Sarajevo architects, the allure of the Orient that begins in Sarajevo captivates Westerners with its spontaneity, where plans are more a product of improvisation than rational thought.

In this spirit of ad hoc innovation and temporary needs, REPEX offers an opportunity to explore the latest trends in retail and real estate markets. Your interest in this fair is not only a testament to your passion for the industry but also to your commitment to continuous learning. Through the following lines, you will see how REPEX not only bridges the gap between the present and the future but also provides a platform for networking with experts, exchanging ideas, and gaining insights into upcoming trends. Interested? Keep reading and discover what REPEX has to offer.

Explore Innovations in Retail and Real Estate at REPEX

What can you expect at REPEX?

Explore Innovations: REPEX is a gateway into a new era where fresh ideas in the retail and real estate sectors are vividly showcased. Here, you will have a chance to peek into the future and feel the industry’s pulse.

Network with Industry Leaders: This event is your ticket to a society where key industry figures gather. Exchange ideas and create lasting connections.

Educational Sessions and Panels: REPEX is your chance to learn firsthand from industry leaders through panels and workshops that shape the future of the sector.

Exclusive Access: REPEX visitors receive a VIP ticket to some of the most exclusive offers, product launches, and special promotions in the industry.

Active Participation: Your opinion is valuable. Ask questions, share your thoughts, and be part of discussions that can influence the industry’s future.

Last but not least: Your adventure at REPEX begins on the first day with a fantastic party introducing you to the unforgettable experience of Sarajevo’s nightlife, known for its energetic and memorable “festivities”. The organizers of REPEX will ensure that you experience all the fun and hospitality this city can offer.

Begin Your REPEX Adventure

BOOK YOUR TICKET for this fantastic event and take the first step in broadening your professional horizon. We look forward to welcoming you to REPEX in Sarajevo, where your experience will be nothing short of mesmerizing. For any further information, we are here for you.